1. Can I buy or sell products on Abulhoul, even if I`m not the owner of a company?

Abulhoul is designed only to serve businesses and does not support either business-to-consumer nor consumer-to-consumer transactions.

  1. What are the requirements for registering on Abulhoul?

Please go to the registration page on https://www.abulhoul.com/pricing/ for further information.

  1. How long does it take for my new account to be ready to use?

As soon as a person registers, the new account has to be activated by Abulhoul. Once activated, a confirmation e-mail containing user credentials and ID will be sent to the registrant.

  1. Can I buy products from Abulhoul website prior to registration?

Abulhoul welcomes everyone even passing visitors. However, to ensure safe buying and selling between buyers and sellers, both the buyer and the seller should provide their data on the website so they can be contacted at any time.

  1. As a buyer, can I buy a single piece of a certain product on Abulhoul website?

Any minimum purchases are shown by the seller on the website for each and every item. Please refer to the seller’s item description.

  1. As a seller, can I sell a single piece of a certain product offered on Abulhoul Website?

Yes, of course!

  1. Does Abulhoul provide an after-sales delivery service?

Delivery service is not available. Abulhoul is only a communication platform between buyers and sellers. It allows the sellers to advertise their products and allows buyers to contact them and vice versa, and is not responsible for transactions between them. Please see Terms and Conditions.

  1. Is Abulhoul responsible for providing guarantees for advertised items?

Abulhoul Website is not responsible for providing any guarantees for any products advertised by sellers. However, sellers are responsible for providing a guarantee to express credibility and quality.

  1. How can buyers pay for products purchased on Abulhoul website? And how do sellers get paid for advertised products?

Payment is allowed through cash or bank transfers, according to the details provided by the seller.

  1. As a buyer, in which language can I communicate with traders on Abulhoul website?

Abulhoul Website offers 3 languages, and you can find the language of the seller next to the advertised product. Abulhoul recommends the buyer to communicate in a single language understood by both parties.

  1. Who is responsible for delivering products purchased on Abulhoul website?

It varies from one seller to another. It depends on the agreement made between the two parties.

  1. Is it allowed to change a company name after registration on Abulhoul website?

No, it is not allowed to change your company name after registration. However, you can change or add other information about your company such as commercial name, company logo, address and phone contact, etc.

  1. Does Abulhoul receive any commission from buyers or sellers on transactions?

Abulhoul website does not receive any kind of commission, but only acts as a portal for bringing company owners together.

  1. How can I report problems that occur with other members?

You can report any problem you have on the website using the Contact Us page here https://www.abulhoul.com/contact-us/

  1. Are there any restrictions on product types that can be advertised?

Yes, there are certain products which are forbidden from being displayed on Abulhoul website. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

  1. What kinds of products are traded on Abulhoul?

All kinds of products are sold except for forbidden items. Please see Terms and conditions.

  1. What are the rules for the purchasing process on Abulhoul website?

Rules may vary from one seller to another. All you need to do is to contact the seller and check the rules with them to complete the selling and buying processes.

  1. What are the shipping rules for purchased products?

Sellers are the only one who decides the method of shipping and receiving products based on the agreement and co-ordination between seller and buyer.

  1. Is the buyer able to return the purchased goods?

We recommend you to refer to the buyer to find out whether they accept returns.