About us

Abulhoul is the first Arab B2B website for the Egypt and Middle It was launched in Egypt, 2018, and is an online global portal for E-commerce between companies.

Abulhoul is considered to be the first B2B website for the Arab marketplace, opening channels between wholesalers in the Egypt and Middle East, and bringing businessmen together in the field of importing and exporting. It is not limited to this only, but also encompasses different fields, facilitating trading between company owners and traders and providing businessmen services using E-commerce, made through online selling and purchasing.

Abulhoul is a communication platform which encourages commercial exchange between companies via the Internet, to overcome current cross-border trade challenges using E-commerce. Abulhoul provides traders from all over the world with full support to spread commerce, helping them to expand into new markets. All of this made using advanced IT technology connected to online trading.

Abulhoul provides business owners with commercial services giving them the opportunity to create their own special web page, displaying their company’s products on the website to a large number of traders around the Egypt and Arab world. Abulhoul also creates the opportunity for buyers to find otherwise difficult and different products and to communicate with traders and suppliers around Egypt and the Middle East too easily. Abulhoul offers a complete selling and purchasing process.

Abulhoul receives no commission for successful transactions between buyers and sellers.